The Unparalleled Bambolim Beach

If you are looking for a beach in Goa that is not crowded and you want to enjoy the beautiful view of the coast you should head to Bambolim beach. It is situated in North Goa at the opening of the Zuari river which meets the Arabian Sea.The beach is an absolute feast to the eye and sets apart any party or beach wedding from your usual celebration. Bambolim beach in Goa also has ample greenery and is decorated by nature with oysters and shells on the beachwhich make it an even prettier backdrop for your wedding.
A destination wedding in Goa, on Bambolim beach is a great option for someone who is keen on getting married in style but does not want to spend a fortune on an international beach arrangement. There are also various activities like surfing, scuba diving and even surfing available at your disposal to enjoy and create memories with the ones you love at your beach wedding. The beach also has various shacks where you can rest or even enjoy the staple Goan cuisine. There are also hotels like Grand Hyatt Goa and The Crown available nearby for you to relax and take a breather from all of the enjoyment you had at the beach.

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