Affordable Celebration at Chapora Beach

Destination weddings in Goa are undoubtedly beautiful and for beauty you have to pay a price. But sometimes you don't have to burn a hole in your pocket to just have a beautiful beach wedding at a scenic place. Chapora beach is known to be a beach that provides tourists with the most affordable accommodation as compared to every other beach in Goa. Inspite of cheaper accommodation the beach does not lack in any trait that the other beachesin Goa possess,the beach is lined with beautiful lava rocks and spots for dolphin watching as well.
Even if you’re planning a beach wedding it is not necessary to leave your culture and traditions out. We being one of the best wedding planners in Goa can help you arrange just the destination wedding you want and keep the elders happy at the same time! There are various resorts around the beach like ‘Marine Bay’, ‘Grand Leoney Resort’ and ‘W Goa’ where we can arrange your staywhere various rites can also be performed according to your needs. Some of the activities on the beach include para sailing,jet skiing, wind surfing and ringo rides for one to have a great time.

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