Providing You a Moment of Peacefulness – Majorda Beach

Providing You a Moment of Peacefulness - Majorda Beach

Goa is known for its beautiful beaches giving you many options to explore. If you are someone who wishes to plan their destination wedding in Goa, then Majorda is the right place. Located about 30 km south of Panjim, this long beach has beautiful golden sand spread for around 25 km.
You will come across many beach shacks, sunbeds and Portuguese heritage homes when you will go out to explore Majorda. This beach in Goa will provide you a sense of peacefulness and calmness as you sit and watch the sunset with your loved ones. If you wish to try delicious and fresh sea food, you can head to the famous restaurants nearby such as Martin’s Corner and enjoy a good meal. You can also go out to explore the Goan history and culture when you want to take a day off from the beaches.
Majorda also offers you beach-facing resorts and hotels that provide you a warm stay and also transport facilities like scooters and/or taxis if you wish to travel on your own. We would love to help you in planning your beach wedding in Goa by taking over all the responsibilities and make your wedding day perfect.

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